Welcome to SolShifters, the newest dapp on Solana where you get the best returns!!

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Read the details below carefuly so you will make sure you would take the best possible strategy that fits you!

Choose your SolShifters wisely!

First you choose wich of the 5 raritys of the SolShifter you want to take. the higher rarity. the higher the purchase price but also higher rewards! SolShifters are bought with native token Solana.

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Earn ME and make your Shifters stronger!

Collect Meme Energy (ME) generated by your SolShifters, use it to upgrade your SolShifters or perform transformations for higher earnings.

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Upgrade or Withdraw

Reinvest your earnings to upgrade your Shifters even more, test your luck on the High Risk Transformations to get a chance to earn double! or withdraw earnings back to your SOL wallet. The stronger your SolShifters the higher your daily earnings!

Remember, investing in dApps involves risk, only invest what you can lose!

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ME Token


Each tier not only signifies the Hybrids rarity but also its potential for ME generation, transformation abilities, and overall impact within thePlayers begin their journey by acquiring our Hybrid Chameleon Hybrids, each belonging to one of several tiers:
  • Basic Tier: Entry-level Hybrids with standard ME generation rates. Suitable for beginners.
  • Common Tier: Offers a slight increase in ME generation and has a basic transformation ability.
  • Rare Tier: Significantly higher ME generation rates with advanced transformation capabilities. Rare Hybrids can participate in special events.
  • Epic Tier: Exceptional ME generation and transformation abilities. Epic Hybrids have unique designs and can unlock exclusive game areas.
  • Legendary Tier: Top-tier with maximum ME generation and transformation potentials. Legendary Hybrids offer special gameplay benefits and can lead player guilds or communities.
Each tier not only signifies the Hybrids rarity but also its potential for ME generation, transformation abilities, and overall impact within the game.
  • ME generation rates vary by tier, with Basic generating the least and Legendary the most. Introduce passive boosts or items to temporarily enhance ME generation for strategic gameplay.
  • ME can be allocated for upgrades, which not only increase ME generation but may also add special abilities or aesthetic changes to Hybrids.
  • Special game features unlocked by ME could include access to exclusive areas, participation in elite events, or the ability to trade resources on a special marketplace.
  • Transformations require a certain amount of ME and possibly other in-game achievements or items. Each tier has unique transformation requirements and results, emphasizing the need for strategic planning.
  • Vitality scores increase not just with transformations but also with participation in community events, victories in competitions, and contributions to the game's ecosystem.
  • Higher vitality scores unlock prestigious ranks within the community, special recognition badges, and possible governance rights in community-driven decisions, enhancing the player's influence and status.
  • Initial Supply: Define a finite initial supply of ME tokens to start, ensuring scarcity and value.
  • Distribution Strategies: Include player rewards, liquidity pools for in-game transactions, and community incentives.
  • Adjustment Mechanisms: Implement dynamic algorithms to adjust token generation rates based on active player numbers and average engagement metrics, ensuring sustainability.
  • Sinks: Beyond transaction fees and consumables, introduce mechanic repairs or upgrades as sinks, and periodic token burns to adjust circulating supply.
  • Utility: ME tokens could be used for exclusive content access, voting rights in community decisions, and as stakes in competitive events, adding depth to its utility.
  • Controlled Token Generation:: Implement a cap on the daily or monthly generation of ME tokens per player or per activity, adjusting these caps based on overall game engagement to manage inflation.
  • Burn Mechanisms:: Regularly schedule ME token burns based on certain in-game milestones or the accumulation of excess tokens in the economy, removing them permanently to reduce supply and maintain value.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Use algorithms to monitor game activity and token velocity, adjusting token generation rates and burn frequencies to match current player engagement and economic conditions.
  • Stabilization Funds and Reserves: Allocate a portion of ME tokens to a stabilization fund, using it to intervene in the market by purchasing ME tokens during times of low demand or selling during high demand to stabilize prices.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Rewards: Adjust in-game item prices and the rewards for activities in real-time based on the current supply and demand of ME tokens, ensuring that earning and spending within the game remain balanced and rewarding for players.
Our commitment to community engagement and transparency is paramount. Regular updates, feedback mechanisms, and open communication channels ensure that players are informed, involved, and heard, fostering a vibrant and supportive community around Solshifters.
  • Last Depositor Contest (Hourly) Rewards the player who makes the last deposit within each hour, creating ongoing engagement and excitement.
  • Chilling Contests: Casual, social contests where players participate in relaxed, fun activities within the game, fostering community spirit.
  • Artwork Contests: Encourages players to create and submit game-themed art, rewarding creativity and engagement with the game's lore and aesthetics.
  • Biggest Depositor Contests: Recognizes and rewards the player who contributes the most SOL in a set period, encouraging significant investments.
  • Referral Contests: Rewards players who refer the most new players to the game within a certain timeframe, incentivizing community growth.
  • To enhance ME's utility and visibility in the broader blockchain ecosystem through partnerships and market integrations, consider engaging in cross-promotion with other blockchain games and platforms, enabling ME to be used for transactions or special access within these partners' environments. Collaborate with NFT marketplaces for exclusive ME-based transactions, and explore integrations with DeFi platforms for staking or farming opportunities, providing players additional value and utility for their ME holdings outside of "SolShifters." This strategy not only broadens ME's applicability but also attracts a diverse player base interested in the intersecting possibilities of gaming and finance.

The team behind The SolShifters

This team has been created for over 2 years, we have been making dapps ever since, Founded in 2022 as we felt the need to provide safer dapps to the people in the crypto space. we have been growing behind our wildest dreams since.


Co-owner & Developer

Joshua Warp

Owner and Developer


Marketing Manager


NFT Creator & Artist


Game Development & Logic


UI / UX Designer

Roadmap to succes

Fantasy map

Roadmap to success

Fantasy map

1. Connect with yourself

Spend some time alone and get to know who you really are, your values, and what you truly want from life.
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arrow right

2. Connect with people

Build meaningful relationships with others and open yourself up to their perspectives and insights.
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arrow right

3. Connect with nature

Spend time outside and appreciate the beauty and power of the natural world.
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4. Connect with activities

Pursue activities that you deeply enjoy, such as sports, hobbies, art, music, etc.
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arrow right

5. Connect with experiences

Travel, explore, and try out new and exciting things.
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6. Connect with growth

Learn, challenge yourself, and become the best version of yourself.
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7. Connect with purpose

Find a purpose and work towards something that gives your life meaning.
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8. Connect with faith

Find faith and practice it, whether it be spiritual, religious, or philosophical.
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Q1 2024

Core business plan established

Dapp Development

Landing page creation

Community building

Start Marketing

Creation First Tier NFTs

Start Prelaunch Giveaway

Start of Marketing Campaign

Release SolShifters and Launch

Q1 - Q2 2024

NFT Collection launch & Airdrop

Listing on CMC & CG

Launch NFT staking platform

Listing on Dex and exchanges

Launch NFT Marketplace

Launch ShiftDex

Q2 - Q3 2024

Launch Lending and Borrow Protocol

Cross-chain development

Creation of Bridge

More soon!


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